Focus on Efficiency

Hello! We are a small IT company located in Seoul. We are professionals in the field of web development, IT consulting and outsourcing.

Website Development

Depending on your needs, we can make pretty much anything—including landing pages, high-load online stores, and booking systems.

IT Consulting

Want to list your products on popular marketplaces in Korea? Want to make your business more efficient? Want to organize your office infrastructure in the most affordable way? We can help you with these matters and many others using our expertise.

For Retail Business

We offer comprehensive support in various departments. We can help with the placement of goods on popular aggregator sites, such as Naver Shopping and Auction, as well as with online advertising and the organization of warehouse inventory.

For Cafe and Reustorants

On top of placement in food delivery services, we oversee the preparation of advertising campaigns on Instagram and Naver blogs. We can also automate restaurant operations by setting up mobile applications on tabletop tablets, establishing payment kiosks and remote ordering systems.

For Teachers and Language Schools

We develop interactive sites for language teaching, as well as payment systems.

For Any Business:

We’ll help you optimize your IT costs. Our services include dealing with advertising companies for the Korean market, website and application development, and the optimization and automation of workflow.

Simple pricing

We use two main payment schemes:

1. We agree on the scope of work, during which you clearly indicate the desired result. Then, after receiving 30% of the payment in advance, we get down to business. You transfer the remaining fees upon completion of the work.

2. We estimate the scope of the work at our hourly price rate. At any time, you can add or remove any functions or tasks.

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